A little bit about On Trails

Who’s behind all of this?

Hi! I’m Alex, a designer and photographer who really loves to travel and take photos of stunning places across the globe. There is only this one teeny tiny problem:


I am terrified of flying.


So instead of letting it get into my way, I found ways around my fear – literally. Now it takes me a little bit longer to travel somewhere and I get to see a couple more places in between – but what’s the fun in flying to a place if you can take a boat, train or hitchhike across the world and meet great people along the way?


I always liked sharing the things I have learned with others, which is why I have created this blog, so you can learn from my experiences and can do the same as well. So if you love travel photography or want to learn more about it, just follow my blog by signing up to the newsletter and get great stories, tutorials and photos delivered to your inbox.


Please do ask me any questions and kick me in the butt once in a while so that I keep writing and sharing stories on here.

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Things I do besides traveling

UI/UX Design

I’m a multidisciplinary designer by heart but have been specialising in UI and UX design over the last 2-3 years and worked with great companies and clients in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Thailand, Australia, Switzerland and USA (I think thats it). If you want to see some examples of my work just head over to my portfolio site:


Photography has been my passion since I picked up my very first DSLR in 2006. What started off as a side hobby soon became central to my life and has brought me into to world of art and design. I did take on the occasional photo and film shoot but always saw photography more as a creative outlet in addition to my career in design.

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