Goodbye with a Splash

The city was deserted, devoid of the usual traffic that clog up the streets of Bangkok. Everyone has fled the city to escape the mayhem that envelops the entire country once every year.


It’s the only time, when you are allowed to roam the city with your weapon of choice to purge yourself of your sins and wash away any bad luck that has befallen you, to start anew.


Beware of the children


We made our way down the streets armed with our water guns, always on the lookout for the next ambush. Every civilian we approached could turn out to be a rogue combatant, ready to drop a painful load of ice cold water on anyone of us. Extra care should be given to the children, they are the most dangerous threat and need to be taken out with overwhelming show of force.


These girls are taking things serious at Silom


As to the enemy positions, they can be easily spotted with a bit of experience and are usually located on strategic positions near street corners and plentiful supplies of water. A big plastic ice container with people dressed in Hawaiian shirts dancing to overly loud music, are a dead giveaway. The only safe havens in these troubling times are the insides of your own home, as well as shopping malls and public transportation that can only be visited once your weapons have been disarmed, but the moment you step outside you’re once again at the whim of the mob…


The crowds gather at Silom for Songkran


After a tough fight and low on ammo, it was time to flee this combat zone and continue the fight in another city…


Another Songkran gang ready for the fight


People like to pick a single target and hammer them


Even the police are getting involved


A fight with the Songkran Terminator


In the end its all about having fun


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