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Many people have asked me about the gear I am using and which one I would recommend. So I decided to put together a list of the equipment I myself carry with me on my travels. All of my equipment choices are mainly based on portability as I want to travel as light as possible. For each piece of gear I also included a writeup about the reasons why I bought and my experience of using them first hand.

Sony A7ii


The Sony A7ii is my main camera. It’s one of the cheapest full-frame cameras, light (compared to DSLRs), packed with useful features like in-body stabilization, 24 megapixels and support for thousands of lenses with the use of adapters. For me it is the perfect travel camera with one downside that plaque many other mirrorless cameras: battery life. You can however plan for this by bringing extra batteries, and thanks to the USB charging port, use a power bank to charge your batteries in-camera. Why this camera? Portability and weight is key for me! Having traveled with a Canon 5D Mark III together with three lenses for four months, I learned the hard and heavy way.

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Sony FE 16-35mm 4.0


The Sony FE 16-35mm 4.0 is my absolute favorite lens. I love shooting wide angle and this lens is the perfect work-horse to deliver sharp sweeping shots of buildings, landscapes and night scenes. The lens is not cheap but worth every euro / dollar / pound. 80% of my photos are shot with this lens.

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Sony FE 55mm 1.8


The Sony FE 55mm 1.8 is one of the sharpest lenses I own and thanks to its large aperture, the perfect companion for low light and general photography. Another plus point is the beautiful bokeh it deliver , which produces stunning portraits and lends depth to images.

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Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8


The Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8 is the newest addition to my lens collection, which I intended for portrait photography but turned out to be a stellar performer for landscape and night-time photography as well. Its beautiful design and image quality was the reason that convinced me to fork out a lot of money for this lens.

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Lowepro ProTactic AW 350


My quest for the perfect camera has been years in the making and I seemed to have finally found one in the form of the Lowepro ProTactic. It’s sturdy construction, plenty of room for gear, laptop and accessories and its clever military style expansion system ticked all the right boxes. So far it has fared really well and I can rely on it for my future adventures.

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Manfrotto PIXI


Weight is one of my biggest concerns when it comes to camera gear and tripods aren’t necessarily light nor compact. I used to lug around a big Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod with me and relied on a Joby Gorillapod until it broke, but have now thankfully found a perfect travel tripod with the Manfrotto PIXI. There are many times where venues like sky bars don’t allow you to bring tripods, and this little table-top variety usually escapes their scrutiny. However this tripod’s main downside is also its size, which really limits you to shoot from low angles or forces you to scout for objects to rest it on.

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