Crossing Eurasia overland from Germany all the way to Thailand without setting foot on an airplane. An adventure on rail, bus and the occasional ferry.


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Rottweil, Germany


Hua Hin, Thailand

Crossing two worlds and continents


From the medieval towns of Germany all the way the the bustling Asian metropolis of Bangkok. This four month journey crosses numerous countries and cultures of Eurasia. A ride on the Transsiberian train is definitely the main highlight of this trip, but there are so many more unexpected adventures that awaits in the desolation of the Mongolian steppe to the chaos of China’s mega cities. A journey of contrasts and a rollercoaster ride for the senses.

START / 17 September 2017

Story / 30 Jul 2014

Crossing Eurasia Overland

After I finally finished my studies and worked for a year I am now ready to prepare f...

Story / 19 Sep 2014

Leaving the Black Forest

After months of getting rid of things I was left with about a suitcase and a box wort...

Story / 25 Sep 2014

Catching up with friends in Prague

After a long bus ride I finally arrived at Prague central station. The sun had alread...

Story / 30 Sep 2014

Revisiting Warsaw

My phone alarm started to ring, it was 7:30am. The morning light was dim and diffused...

Story / 05 Oct 2014

Making Friends in Vilnius

Overnight bus travel simply does’t work. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you....

Story / 12 Oct 2014

Reflections at Trakai Lake

The process of waking up is quite astonishing when you think about. One moment your a...

Story / 21 Oct 2014

Raving in Riga

I remember quite clearly the way Stefan, Julie, Max and I met: It involved a certain ...

Story / 21 Oct 2014

Road trip to Lahemaa

Once again Paul, Grant, Paulo and me ended up in the same hostel. But this time it wa...

Story / 24 Oct 2014

Being Finnish in Helsinki

When Eliza told me that I should be careful not to go to the wrong ferry terminal, I ...

Story / 25 Oct 2014

Getting overwhelmed in Saint Petersburg

I was very nervous when our bus approached the border between Finland and Russia. Do ...

Story / 03 Nov 2014

Enjoying the last warm days in Moscow

Taking the fast train felt a bit of a cheat but I just wanted to get to Moscow withou...

Story / 11 Nov 2014

Crossing continents at Ekaterinburg

Alex seemed to be the most popular name in Russia, as nearly everyone I met there end...

Story / 14 Nov 2014

Aboard the Transsiberian to Irkutsk

Fifty eight hours can feel like eternity, especially if you spend it on a train. Howe...

Story / 22 Nov 2014

Hiking along the Baikal Lake in Listvyanka

I had been spending all morning in the warmth of the hostel, but it was time to brave...

Story / 22 Nov 2014

Catching the Transmongolian to Ulaan Baatar

We arrived at the Border between Russia and Mongolia sometime in the afternoon. I end...

Story / 23 Nov 2014

Venturing into the Gobi Desert

The first thing you notice is the silence. there was not a single sound except for th...

Story / 27 Nov 2014

The Ger District of Ulaan Bataar

The streets are choking with cars, each meandering around each other trying to get ah...

Story / 27 Nov 2014

Indulging in Beijing

Every journey must come to an end, and for me the Trans Siberian, or the Trans Mongol...

Story / 03 Dec 2014

Tale of a hitchhike in China

For me the idea of travelling is all about challenging yourself to leave your comfort...

Story / 04 Dec 2014

Stopover in Shanghai

We caught the 2:45 train to Shanghai well in time, having spent over two hours sittin...

Story / 14 Dec 2014

Climbing Huangshan (Yellow Mountains)

What I realised in the two weeks that I have been in China and travelling with Ronan ...

Story / 17 Dec 2014

The Avatar Mountains of Zhangjiajie

Another train, another long night journey on uncomfortable hard seats, we both grew s...

Story / 23 Dec 2014

Cycling around Guilin and Yangshuo

Since Mongolia we have been on the run from the cold of winter, but everywhere we wen...

Story / 26 Dec 2014

Detour for Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Chinese night buses are the most interesting ones I had ever used. Instead of reclini...

Story / 08 Jan 2015

Leaving China from Nanning

At some point during a long trip such as mine, you will get to a point where you feel...

Story / 09 Jan 2015

Falling ill in Hanoi and Halong Bay

After one month in China I finally made my first step into South East Asia by crossin...

Story / 10 Jan 2015

Resting in Hue and Hoi An

Although having completely recovered from the fever and tonsillitis I was battling th...

Story / 13 Jan 2015

Taking in the War History in Saigon

The war remnants museum is very hard to miss. The moment you walk past you can’t he...

Story / 13 Jan 2015

Feeling Home in Phnom Penh

After traveling through so many new countries I had set foot on for the first time it...

Story / 14 Jan 2015

Exploring the Ruins of Angkor Wat

I wish I would have been one of the French explorers who stepped foot in the ruins of...

END / 27 December 2014

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