The 8 Best Places with WiFi to work from in Antigua

Antigua is the most popular destination in Guatemala for traveler and digital nomads alike. It’s laid back atmosphere, huge choices of food and cafes, as well as countless things to do makes it a great place to stay and work from for location independent workers. However finding fast and reliable internet can be a challenge, like anywhere in Central America, especially if you rely on it for calls. This is a list of the 8 cafes and co-working spaces I curated to make it easier to find the right spot with Good WiFi depending on what you’re looking for.


Guate Java – For uploading

2.88Mbs Down / 4.38Mbs Up

GuateJava is a cute little cafe

GuateJava is a tiny and cute cafe located 2-3 blocks away from Parque Central right at the street corner with the popular vegetarian restaurant Samsara and Rainbow Cafe right opposite of it. It’s not that busy usually but being so small the seating can be very limited as they only have 2-3 tables available. Internet is generally a bit spotty but they have good upload speeds for Antigua. It’s location facing the street can make this spot a little too noisy, especially if you need to make calls.


Union Café – For conference calls

4.62Mbs Down / 0.99Mbs Up

A great and quiet place to make calls

There are actually two Union Cafe’s right on the same street. This one is right in front of the San Pedro Apostol Church with cozy and quiet seeting areas upstairs. The space is perfect for calls as its usually very quiet and shielded from noises coming from the street. It can be a little dark on rainy days though, but the clean bright interior does make up for the lack of windows.


FatCat Coffee House – For reliable WiFi

5.45Mbs Down / 0.92Mbs Up

Cafe with a young crowd

Located just a block away from Parque Central and facing a busy road, this cafe can get very busy and loud sometimes. But the stable Internet, central location and friendly staff makes this cafe a good place to return to for work.


Stela 9 – For that oasis ambience

9.34Mbs Down / 0.85Mbs Up

The beautiful courtyards of Stela 9

If you want a calm oasis as your workplace Stela 9 is the perfect spot to focus and get away from sometimes hectic center part of town. The tasteful decoration, good food and coffee as well as fast WiFi are all a great reason to come here. However it’s located a bit off the main area towards the east side of town, which makes it more suitable if you stay close by. Only main downpoint is the lack of sockets.


Café Sol – For good WiFi and food

4.57Mbs Down / 0.93Mbs Up

The bright and inviting space of Cafe Sol

This cafe seems to be a popular spot to meet for lunch and thus can get a little busy at that time, however in the mornings and afternoons this place is perfect to wind down and enjoy the little courtyard and cozy atmosphere. Café Sol is in the same area as Stela 9 and can be a little far if you are staying closer to the market on the other side of town.


Bella Vista Coffee – For that magical view

4.3Mbs Down / 0.94Mbs Up

The terrace has definitely one of the best views in town

Bella Vista Cafe seems to be one of the most popular cafe’s for locals and travelers alike and can get very busy at lunchtime and afternoon when students from the nearby language school finish their classes. The main reason for its popularity is its stunning views across town with Volcan de Agua and Acatenango looming majestically over it. However the Internet was very spotty when I came here, especially during peak times.


Cafe Boheme – For that cozy feeling

4.1Mbs Down / 0.90Mbs Up

Feel like sitting in someone’s living room? Cafe Boheme is the place.

Cafe Boheme is a super cozy cafe located close to the center of town. Even though it is a little dark, the tasteful and colorful decoration makes you feel like you’re sitting in your grandma’s living room. Internet was generally good and the fresh smoothies are a good option if you want to keep your coffee intake in check.


Selina Co-working – For the fastest WiFi in town

32.31Mbs Down / 60.12Mbs Up

Selina is one of the two co-working spaces in Antigua

Even though Selina technically isn’t a cafe I have to mention it, as it has the best WiFi in Antigua by a wide margin. If you don’t mind shelling out 56Q per day this is the best place to work. Besides the super fast WiFi they have Call Booths to take conference calls in quiet and free coffee and water included. If you want to try out the Co-Working space it’s free on Mondays.


Want to meet other nomads in Antigua?

Whilst talking to another nomad, she mentioned that she joined a Digital Nomad Facebook Group for Antigua. Even though the group is still small, it is very active and the organisers hold weekly co-working sessions to try out new venues, which is how I discovered some of these places. You can join the group HERE.