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Photographing the world without stepping on an airplane

I’m Alex, a photographer and designer who is not so keen on flying. But I never let that stop me from traveling the world to take photos of stunning places and share stories of my adventures.

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stories / 02 Feb 2018

As a guest at a Tibetan Family’s Home

“Stop?” the driver asked me when we approached another bend in the road with a be...

stories / 25 Jan 2018

A breathtaking bus ride through Kham Tibet from Shangrila to Xiangcheng

The color of the sky resembled that of the ocean, a sky unlike anything I had seen be...

stories / 19 Jan 2018

Shongzhanlin Monastery

A large wetland lake stretches in front of the monastery, mirroring the collection of...

stories / 16 Jan 2018

Lunch with a Tibetan Grandma

The clouds were moving swiftly across the sky, hanging so low as if you could reach o...

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learn / 03 Feb 2018

How To Take Photos Of Strangers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you were to ask me a year ago how to take good peopl...

learn / 05 Jul 2016

How to choose the right camera

So you decided to take the plunge and buy a new camera, but you’re not really sure ...

learn / 30 Jun 2016

A Travel Photographer’s Review of the Triggertrap

Anyone who knows the Sony A7 series, would agree that the Playmemories Store is a ter...

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