Overland from Bangkok to Seoul

The first leg on my journey around the world takes me overland across a big swathe of East Asia from Bangkok over China to South Korea. A journey of extremes between man and nature, tradition and modernity as well as rich and poor.


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South Korea

Exploring the Contrasts of the Far East


Getting splashed in Bangkok for Songkran to having an authentic Korean BBQ in Seoul, this overland journey crosses a big swathe of East Asia and showcases the extremes between the traditional versus the unrelenting powerhouse of modern Asia. There is definitely no escape from China’s rapid development and even sleepy towns in eastern Tibet are forced to move into the new global society.

START / 14 March 2017

Story / 20 Apr 2017

Goodbye with a Splash

The city was deserted, devoid of the usual traffic that clog up the streets of Bangko...

Bangkok, Thailand

Story / 24 Apr 2017

With the Night Bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

I felt so safe knowing that I booked my bus ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai via the...

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Story / 25 Apr 2017

Bus, Tuk Tuk, Minivan and Hitchhiking from Chiang Mai to Luang Namtha

“No more tickets to Chiang Khong ka” the woman behind the counter promptly replie...

Chiang Kong, Thailand

Story / 28 Apr 2017

Trekking in Luang Namtha

“Alex I can’t really decide which trek to choose from” Tom looked at me utterly...

Luang Namtha, Laos

Story / 13 Oct 2017

Crossing the border from Laos to China at Boten

One of the reasons I prefer to travel overland is that you slowly move between the di...

Boten, China

Story / 13 Oct 2017

A very long bus ride from Jinhong (Xishaungbanna) to Dali

“There is a bus going directly to Dali?” I asked Warren from Malaysia who...

Dali, China

Story / 14 Oct 2017

Travel Fatigue in Shangrila

I never thought it would hit me this early into my trip but once I arrived in Dali I ...

Shangrila, China

Story / 16 Jan 2018

Lunch with a Tibetan Grandma

The clouds were moving swiftly across the sky, hanging so low as if you could reach o...

Shangrila, China

Story / 19 Jan 2018

Shongzhanlin Monastery

A large wetland lake stretches in front of the monastery, mirroring the collection of...

Shangrila, China

Story / 25 Jan 2018

A breathtaking bus ride through Kham Tibet from Shangrila to Xiangcheng

The color of the sky resembled that of the ocean, a sky unlike anything I had seen be...

Kham Tibet, China

Article / 02 Feb 2018

Being Guest at a Tibetan Family’s Home

“Stop?” the driver asked me when we approached another bend in the road with a be...

END / 18 May 2017

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